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This Kapampángan word for “drizzle” looks very similar to a Tagálog word that has a different meaning and usage!

LINTIK • (lin-TIK)
drizzle, light rain
Tagálog (Filipino): ambón

Lintik: Kapampángan vs. Tagálog
In Kapampángan, “lintik” means “drizzle”.

In Tagálog, “lintík” means “lightning” and is a mild curse used for damnation. For example, “Lintík kang háyop ka!” means “You goddamn jerk (“animal”)!”.

This sense of damnation equated to lightning is also used in Kapampángan with the curse word alti (“lightning”), originating from the Kapampángan expression “Dípán (na ka) ning alti” which means “(May you be) struck by lightning”.

Verb Conjugation
lumintik, lílintik, línintik – to drizzle, lightly rain (Stative / Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Alí man minuran; línintik mû. [Kap]
Hindî man umulán; umambón lang. [Tag]
It didn’t even rain; it just drizzled. [Eng]

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