Puni and Magdarame

puni at magdarame
Puni and Magdarame | @kapampangan.words

Fire Signs, hearts up! This year’s Holy Week will be notable as the transition between the first 2 Fire Signs of the Kapampángan Zodiac (Limbúlan), Punî and Mágdarámé, will coincide with it!

Punî (the shrine of reading) & Mágdarámé (the penitent) are the 10th & 11th signs of Limbúlan. They are based on two iconic Kapampángan Holy Week symbols, and will consecutively peak during their transition which will coincide with the Holy Week this year.

You can read about the punî shrine and mágdarámé penitents from our recent Holy Week posts and stay tuned for our future in-depth post about the Fire Signs of the Kapampángan Zodiac next month, the last of our elemental Limbúlan series!