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Ligsanan og Cacao

  Ligsanan og Cacao is the local name for “Metate”, a cocoa grinder. Ligsanan og Cacao (Metate) is a type of grindstone typically made out of hard volcanic rock such as basalt or andesite. Generally, a metate is a large stone slab with a smooth upper surface paired with a roller pin, also made of stone. In Mesoamerican… Read More »


  T’nalak is a traditional fabric made by the Tboli people. This traditional cloth is hand-woven made of Abaca fibers which traditionally have three primary colors, red, black, and the original color of the Abaca leaves. You may want to read: Indigenous People of the Philippines

Critically Endangered Plants in the Philippines

  Critically Endangered Plants in the Philippines 1. Balanophora coralliformis, Petser, Tandang & Barcelona (Balanophoraceae) 2. Calamus batanensis (Becc.) Baja-Lapis (Arecaceae) 3. Medinilla daliciana, Fernando & Balete (Melastomataceae) 4. Greeniopsis megalantha Merr. (Rubiaceae) 5. Nepenthes peltata Sh.Kurata (Nepenthaceae) 6. Helminthostachys zeylanica (L.) Hook (Ophioglossaceae) 7. Paphiopedilum adductum Asher (Orchidaceae) 8. Hypericum pulogense Merr. (Hypericaceae) 9. Cycas currani, K.D.Hill… Read More »

Laksoy Wine

  Laksoy wine is Butuan City’s local wine. The wine is derived from the sap of the matured flower of Nipa (Nypafruticans) then processed. Nipa palm is an abundant natural resource that abounds in Butuan City. Having this abundant resource in the region, the Nipa Palm plays a part in the Butuanons survival up until now. Residents in… Read More »

Endangered Plants in the Philippines

  Endangered Plants in the Philippines Terminalia darlingii Merr (Combretaceae) Dendrobium bullenianum Rchb.f (Orchidaceae) Hoya wayetii Kjoppenb. (Apocynaceae) Cyathea contaminans (Wall.) Copel. (Cyatheaceae) Rafflesia speciosa Barcelona & Fernando (Rafflesiaceae) Nepenthes ventricosa Bianco (Nepenthaceae) Xanthostemon vordugonianus (Myrtaceae) Pemphis acidula (Lythraceae) Medinilla stenobotrys Merr. (Melastomataceae) You may want to read: 5 Philippine Endangered Animals