National Cultural Property

National Cultural Property (Pambansang Yamang Pangkalinangan) An official type of declaration by Philippine heritage agencies that refers to a unique cultural property that possesses outstanding or highly exceptional historical, cultural, artistic, and scientific value, and is also known as Grade I Cultural Property. Isang opisyal na uri ng deklarasyon ng mga ahensyang pang-pamana sa Pilipinas … Read more


Heritage A property imbued with age, such as a tangible object/structure or intangible tradition, that is valued and passed on to posterity. You may want to read: Pook Pamana (Heritage Zone)

St. Scholastica’s College

St. Scholastica’s College A formerly all-girls school located along Calle Pennsylvania (Leon Guinto Street) corner Calle Vito Cruz. Established by Benedictine Nuns from Germany in 1906 at Tondo. Relocated to its present site in 1914. Famous for its Conservatory of Music which was established in 1907. Famous buildings include the College Chapel by George Asp, … Read more

Philippine Hats

Philippine Hats a. Female head and back coverIvatan | BatanesVuyayuy, abaca, and cotton threadsH 87.5 cm; W 54.5 cm; D 18.5 cm b. Suklong/SuklangBontok | Bontoc, Mountain ProvinceRattan, bamboo, and cordH 16 cm; D 12.5 cm c. Sadok Manobo | Agusan Valley Palm, abaca, wood, and paint/resinH 8 cm; W 13 cm; L 38 cm … Read more

Portrait of Ruperto Kangleon

Portrait of Ruperto Kangleon Born in Macrohon, Leyte, he joined the Philippine Constabulary and was the commanding officer of the 81st Infantry Division of the USAFFE at the advent of the War. He fought the Japanese in Davao and Agusan and was captured. After escaping in December 1942, he formed a guerrilla group. By August … Read more