Juan and the Asuangs

Juan and the AsuangsA TALE OF PHILIPPINE GHOSTS AND SPIRITSby Jose Aruego, 1970 It is full of folkloric spirits that don’t stray from traditional beliefs but are portrayed in a way that would only present danger if not for the stories and advice told to Juan by his Lola. Juan and the Asuangs do not … Read more

Rex Victor O. Cruz

Academician Rex Victor O. Cruz Congratulations Academician Rex Victor O. Cruz, New Professor Emeritus University of the Philippines Los Baños. You may want to read: Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza

Mali: The Golden Maiden

Mali: The Golden Maiden Mali. She is named as Si Nagmalitong Yawa si Nagmaling Diwata si Ginsalo Gin-agaw Humbay sa Hinmayunan Nakiling ko Lintian Nakyang ko Dalugdugan Manugpaungan-ungan Binukot nga Tuyawan Buntog nga Benlisyunan, daughter of Matan-ayon or Ayon. She is the most beautiful and powerful binukot in the world. Her whole body is golden. … Read more


Datang Advent has come! How do you say “arrive” or “come” in your language? DATANG • (duh-TUHNG)(to) arrive, comeTagálog: datíng Common Derived VerbDÁTANG • (DAH-tuhng)to arrive, comeTagálog: dumatíng (Root Word: datíng) Derived WordPÁMAGDATANG • (PAH-muhg-duh-tuhng)arrivalTagálog: pagdatíng PARATANG • (puh-ruh-TUHNG)incoming, coming, on the way, about to arriveTagálog: padatíng/paratíng KARATANG • (kuh-ruh-TUHNG)the moment when someone/something arrivesTagálog: pagdatíng … Read more


Sali FALSE COGNATES ALERT! Did you know that the Kapampángan words for “buy” & “sell” are not related to or borrowed from the English words “sell” or “sale” despite their resemblance? Opposite False CognatesENGLISH:SELL & SALE KAPAMPÁNGAN:SÉLÎ – “bought”SALÎ – root for “buy” & “sell” The Kapampángan words are native words and not borrowed from … Read more