Friend in the 12 Major Languages of the Philippines

“Friend” in the 12 Major Languages of the Philippines! How do you say “friend” in your language? Yesterday was International Friendship Day! A special post to celebrate reaching 7,000+ followers and friends this July! We’re not just featuring Kapampángan and Tagálog, but the top 12 languages spoken in the Philippines! If you didn’t know, the … Read more


Sustansia July is Nutrition Month in the Philippines! Did you know that the Filipino words for “nutrient” & “nutritious” come from a Spanish word that means “substance”? How do you say “nutritious” in your language? SUSTÁNSIA • (soos-TAHN-shuh)nutrient, nutritional valueTagálog (Filipino): sustánsiya EtymologyFrom Spanish sustancia (“substance”) Derived WordMASUSTÁNSIA • (muh-soos-TAHN-shuh)nutritiousTagálog (Filipino): masustánsiya Example SentenceMangan kang … Read more


Uliu It’s the last day of July! How do you say “July” in your language? ÚLiU • (OO-lyoo)JulyAlso spelled: Húliu/Húlyu, Júliu/Júlyu/JúlioTagálog (Filipino): Húlyo EtymologyFrom Spanish julio (“July”) You may want to read: Abril


Pisan It was National Cousins Day earlier this week! How do you say “cousin” in your language? PÍSAN • (PEE-suhn)cousinTagálog (Filipino): pínsan Derived TermPÍSANG ALANG PÍLATAN • (PEE-suhng uh-LUHNG PEE-luh-tuhn)first cousin(literally “cousin without an interval/something in between”)Tagálog (Filipino): pínsang buô (literally “whole/complete cousin”) Derived WordMIPÍSAN • (mi-PEE-suhn)cousins (two), having a cousin relationshipFor 3 or more: … Read more


Duyan It was Hammock Day a few days ago! How do you say “hammock” or “swing” in your language? DÚYAN • (DOO-yuhn)hammock, swingTagálog (Filipino): dúyan INDÁYUN • (in-DAH-yoon)hammock, swingTagálog (Filipino): dúyan Verb Conjugationdumúyan, dúdúyan, dínúyan – to swing, sway (Actor Focus)idúyan, dudúyan, dinúyan – to swing, rock something (Object Focus) Example SentenceDudúyan né ing bíngut. … Read more