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Ladislao Diwa

  Ladislao Diwa is a lawyer, patriot, and teacher. He co-founded the Katipunan together with Andres Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, Valentin Diaz, Deodato Arellano, and two others. Katipunan was established on the evening of 7 July 1892 after the arrest and exile of Jose Rizal was announced. The Katipunan is a secret organization to overthrow the foreign government (Spain).… Read More »

Anselmo Day-ag

  Who is Anselmo Day-ag? Anselmo Day-ag is a sculptor. He is the builder of the following: Marcos bust in La Union, Lion’s head in Baguio City, Eagle arch in La Union, Battle of Mactan in Cebu, Quezon Memorial; in Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, Yamashita shrine in Kiangan Ifugao. Aside from the above, he also builds many others.… Read More »

On this day, September 18

  On this day, September 18, in 1891, Jose Rizal’s “El Filibusterismo” (“The Subversive”) was printed in Ghent, Belgium. Written in Spanish, the novel inspired the people of the Philippines to revolt against Spain, culminating in the Philippine Revolution of 1896. Set in a fictional town of San Diego, the novel begins where the Noli Me Tangere ended,… Read More »

On this day, September 14

  On this day, September 14, in 2005, the Philippines, as President of the UN Security Council (UNSC) for September, presided over the UNSC Summit in New York City. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo became the first Asian leader and woman head of state to preside over the Summit. The UNSC Summit, the third such meeting since 1992, was… Read More »

On this day, September 12

  On this day, September 12, in 1896, 13 Filipinos were executed by Spanish authorities at Plaza de Armas of Fort San Felipe Neri in Cavite Nuevo (now Cavite City.) They are commonly known as the 13 Martyrs of Cavite or “Trece Martires.”   1919 On this day, September 12, 1919 – The first Filipino-produced and directed feature… Read More »