Diwata-2 is the second 50 kilogram earth observation microsatellite of the Philippines that was released into space on 29 October 2018. Diwata-2 has been orbiting the planet for three (3) years now, still fulfilling its mission. You may want to read: Mapulon Lakapati


Maya-1 is the Philippines’ first cube satellite (CubeSat). It is one of the three CubeSats under the BIRDS-2 project of the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) in Japan. You may want to read: Mayang Pula On this day, May 4

The ULAT Project

The ULAT Project Understanding Lightning and Thunderstorm (ULAT) ULAT project aims to leverage weather and lightning data by observing extreme weather events to further improve the country’s weather forecasts. The project’s initiatives can help the lives of the Filipino people by providing real-time localized weather data to LGUs, stakeholders, and other related agencies. This may … Read more

Mapping of Burnt Areas in Kabayan Benguet

Mapping of Burnt Areas in Kabayan Benguet Did you know that satellite images play a big role in identifying and assessing damage from disasters? Diwata-2 captured the February 2020 forest fire in Benguet that approximately burned 2,714.59 hectares, excluding other possibly undetected areas covered by clouds and their shadow. Affected areas included Itogon, Bokod, Kabayan, … Read more

Philippine Groundwater Outlook or PHIGO

Philippine Groundwater Outlook or PHIGO Groundwater monitoring is critical in ensuring water quality and quantity in every region. This is an essential component in environmental information system and decision making. The fact that water is one of our primary needs, the Philippine Groundwater Outlook or PhiGO Project of the Ateneo de Manila University has set … Read more