Sessy E-Boat

Sessy E-Boat Safe, Efficient, and Sustainable Solar Assisted Plug-in Electric Boat or Sessy E-Boat involves the prototyping of two units of electric motorboats with solar panels; one of which uses lead-acid batteries while the other one uses lithium-ion batteries, both with roofing mounted solar panels. Sessy E-Boat uses a locally developed automatic identification system or … Read more

Charging in Minutes (CharM)

Charging in Minutes (CharM) This technology attempts to reduce the time it takes to charge electric automobiles. In comparison to the traditional 4-6 hours of sluggish charging, this fast-charging system can fully charge electric automobiles in 30 minutes. The capabilities of the CharM are crucial in aiding the Philippines’ development of a more flexible and … Read more

Philippine Electric Tricycle (e-trike)

Philippine Electric Tricycle (e-Trike) E-trikes are intended to help achieve smarter and emission-free communities. Converting conventional tricycles to electric tricycles minimizes carbon emissions, lowers fuel and maintenance costs, and minimizes noise pollution. You may want to read: How much does a jeepney cost in the Philippines? Charging in Minutes (CharM)


Diwata-2 is the second 50-kilogram earth observation microsatellite of the Philippines that was released into space on 29 October 2018. Diwata-2 has been orbiting the planet for three (3) years, still fulfilling its mission. You may want to read: Mapulon Lakapati Diwa ng Lunan


Maya-1 is the Philippines’ first cube satellite (CubeSat). It is one of the three CubeSats under the BIRDS-2 project of the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) in Japan. You may want to read: Mayang Pula On this day, May 4