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Lifetime Cellphone Number Act will soon become a law?

Update: The Lifetime Cellphone Number Act bill is now RA 11202 or The Mobile Number Portability Act. Senator Gatchalian announces the approval of the bicameral conference committee report on the bill providing consumers the privilege of using a permanent mobile phone number or the Lifetime Cellphone Number Act. The Bill is expected to be ratified early next month.… Read More »

Gas Station Safety Tips You Need To Remember

To save lives, always remember these gas station safety tips: No smoking Filling on approved containers only Cellphone off No straddling while filling Stop engine while filling     As part of the Department of Energy’s E-Safety Mo Campaign, DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi has underscored strict compliance with the posting of consumer safety and informational signs in… Read More »

Save Money On Your Meralco Bill

Save Money On Your Meralco Bill.   Is your Meralco Bill going up each month? You can save some money on your electric bill by doing simple things.   Did you know that plugged chargers (cellphone, tablet, laptop) and appliances continue to use electricity even when not in use?   Here are 5 things you can do  to… Read More »