The ULAT Project

The ULAT Project | @dostpcieerd

The ULAT Project

Understanding Lightning and Thunderstorm (ULAT)

ULAT project aims to leverage weather and lightning data by observing extreme weather events to further improve the country’s weather forecasts.

The project’s initiatives can help the lives of the Filipino people by providing real-time localized weather data to LGUs, stakeholders, and other related agencies.

This may assist the disaster risk reduction units and LGUs in developing effective plans to strengthen the country’s resiliency against weather calamities.

With real-time weather and forecast data, the responsiveness of LGUs to calamities can improve which might result in quicker evacuation of citizens from affected areas and minimal losses to agriculture and infrastructure.

Stakeholders and business owners can also make data-driven decisions that can save resources affected by calamities.

The project has four (4) main outputs:

  1. Deploy a lightning detection network in the Philippines for weather observation;
  2. Use the DIWATA and HIMAWARI satellites to reconstruct 3D models of the clouds for estimating their precipitations;
  3. Develop algorithms for improving our weather forcasting system and weather analytics tools; and
  4. Establish real-time data sharing with stakeholders and related agencies regarding weather information.

The ULAT Project is a collaborative project amongst DOST-ASTI, DOST-PAGASA, and UP-IESM with technical cooperation with Hokkaido University, JICA, and JST through the SATREPS program.

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