Turbidity in Laguna de Bay

turbidity in laguna de bay
Turbidity in Laguna de Bay | @philspaceagency

Turbidity in Laguna de Bay

Have you ever heard of spatiotemporal monitoring?

Spatiotemporal monitoring is a technique to capture several images at different times in a given period. An example of this is the images taken by Diwata-1 and Sentinel-3 of the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in Laguna de Bay at different times of the year.

These TSS “hotspots” can easily be identified from satellite images. They are crucial in identifying potential pollution sources and areas vulnerable to low dissolved oxygen, which may result to fish kill.

Complementary use of Diwata imageries with other optical satellites, such as Sentinel-3, may increase the temporal monitoring of Laguna Lake.

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