Abdulmari Asia Imao

Today, January 14, is the 87th birth anniversary of the National Artist for Visual Arts Abdulmari Asia Imao (January 14, 1936). A native of Sulu, Abdulmari Asia Imao was a sculptor, painter, photographer, ceramist, documentary filmmaker, cultural researcher, writer, and articulator of Philippine Muslim art and culture. Through his works, the indigenous ukkil, sarimanok and … Read more

Severino Montano

Today is the 108th birth anniversary of National Artist Severino Montano. SEVERINO MONTANONational Artist for Theater (2001)(January 3, 1915 – December 12, 1980) Playwright, director, actor, and theater organizer, Severino Montano is the forerunner in institutionalizing “legitimate theater” in the Philippines. Taking up courses and graduate degrees abroad, he honed and shared his expertise with … Read more

Ugoy sa duyan

Ugoy sa duyan | @philippine_museums by @bencab_museum at @ayalamuseum You may want to read: The National Anthem of the Philippines

Woman with a cat

Woman with a cat by Angelito Antonio When you are reminded that you have to get back to work, but you are still in vacation mode. Photo: “Woman with a Cat” (1967) by Angelito Antonio. From the National Fine Arts Collection. You may want to read: Musang  Wayi