Virginia Ty-Navarro

Virginia Ty-Navarro is considered as one of the pioneering female artists in the Philippines. Equipped with a diverse arsenal of creative techniques, Virgie—as she was affectionately called—helped pave the foundation through which many Filipino women were able to pursue their artistry. Last March, the National Museum PH of Fine Arts unveiled its newest exhibition, “Virginia … Read more

Flores de Mayo

Flores de Mayo (“Flowers of May” in Spanish) is a month-long festival in the Philippines during the month of May in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its pinnacle is the Santacruzan pageant procession held on the last days of May in honor of the finding of the True Cross by Queen Helena of Constantinople … Read more

Cirilo Bautista

Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Literature Cirilo Bautista on his 5th death anniversary (May 6, 2018). Cirilo F. Bautista was a poet, fictionist, and essayist with exceptional achievements and significant contributions to the development of the country’s literary arts. As a teacher of literature, he brought poetry and fiction closer to … Read more

Kapampangan Folk Dances

Featured Kapampángan Folk Dances Paseo de Bacolor – a dance of Kapampángan courtship Mamaduas Tamu! – a dance portraying the Kapampángan frog-catching skills Florida Blanca – a tribute dance about the Kapampángan white flora Salakban – means ‘to entrap’; depicts the Kapampángan skill of catching a mudfish using a ‘salakab’ You may want to read: … Read more


Terak Happy International Dance Day! Let’s look at some Kapampángan folk dances! How do you say “dance” in your language? TÉRAK • (TEH-ruhk)danceTagálog (Filipino): sayáw Videos and dances performed by Sinukwan Kapampangan Derived WordTÉRÁKAN • (TEH-RAH-kuhn)dancing eventTagálog (Filipino): sáyáwan Verb Conjugationtumérak, tétérak, tínérak – to dance (Actor Focus)itérak, tetérak, tinérak – to dance someone or … Read more