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Quadrícula (HOCUS II)

  Quadrícula (HOCUS II): The Hofileña-Custodio Paintings A new exhibition is opening at the National Museum of Fine Arts entitled Quadrícula (HOCUS II), which refers to the grid pattern used by the Spanish conquerors to lay out towns where Christianized Indios were forced to settle, beginning late 16th century. The quadrícula represented the Spanish conquest of the Philippines.… Read More »

Tingin Asean Film Festival

  Mark your calendars for the 3rd year of the Tingin ASEAN Film Festival on September 26-29, 2019. Admission is FREE. Where: Shangri-la Plaza Red Carpet Cinema 26-29 September 2019   September 26 Thursday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM A Closer Look: Who are the indigenous peoples? by Miks Padilla 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM Film screening: Thy… Read More »

First Filipino Woman To Direct A Film

  Consuelo Padillo Osorio is the first Filipino woman to direct a film. Consuelo Padillo Osorio was credited for her film “Dalagang Luksa” in 1938. Dalagang Luksa did very well and was soon followed by more lachrymal pictures: Dolores, Pagsuyo, and Magmamani, before World War II broke out. After the liberation, Osorio directed ‘Bakya Mo Neneng” which was… Read More »

Ryan Cayabyab: National Artist for Music

  Ryan Cayabyab is a musician, composer, and conductor of eclectic, modern and popular music. He put the Philippines in the International pedestal with award-winning symphonic works, full-length musicals, films, and television scores, a capella albums, popular and love songs, as well as scores of popular songs sung by top Filipino artists. You may want to read: National… Read More »

Ay Kalisud (Ah, Misery)

  Ay Kalisud (Ah, Misery), 1910 Ah, misery Misery of the abandoned Night and day Always, I weep for you Ah, Inday Fortune lost None Nothing Can make me happy Ay ay kalisud Kalisud sang binayaan Adlaw gab-i Firme kita guina tangisan Ahay Inday Nga walay sing kapalaran Walay guid Walay guid Sarang co kalipayan The somber minor… Read More »