Principalia o Cuerpo Local

Principalia o Cuerpo Local Often used to depict the Filipino principalia class in the Philippine and Spanish print without crediting Felix Laureano as its photographer, it has raised issues on the identity of its subjects as well as on the wearing of the Barong Tagalog. A Biblioteca Nacional de España print copy is titled Principalia … Read more

Mas Tipos Filipinos

Mas Tipos Filipinos Photographs of Filipinos in native costumes and social roles provided visual information. Some were taken outdoors such as Mas Tipos Filipinos by Felix Laureano. The nine men represent farmers, an animal herder, a bookkeeper, and even some cockfight aficionados. Laureano displays little sympathy for the common tao or people and points out … Read more

Vista del Muelle y Ria de Ilo-ilo

The photo “Vista del Muelle y Ria de Ilo-ilo” by Felix Laureano captures the scenic view of the pier and river of Iloilo. It offers a glimpse into the bustling maritime activity and picturesque landscape of the area during Laureano’s time probably taken during the time when he opened his photo studio along Calle Iznart … Read more

The Calenderia

Felix Laureano’s photo “Calenderia” captures a poignant slice of Filipino history. Calenderia is a store or booth thats sells food, drinks and all necessities of life. It is a makeshift pavilion or kiosk made of bamboo with roofing and walls of nipa. Calenderia is adjacent to a beautifully constructed house of bamboo and nipa and … Read more

Vista de la Iglesia de San Agustin-Manila

Felix Laureano’s “Vista de la Iglesia de San Agustin – Manila” is a captivating snapshot of San Agustin Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered as the oldest church in the Philippines. The photo likely dates back to the late 19th or early 20th century. San Agustin Church holds immense historical significance, not only … Read more