Lazaro Francisco

Lazaro Francisco (National Artist for Literature) Today, February 22, is the 125th birth anniversary of National Artist Lazaro A. Francisco. (February 22, 1898) Prize-winning writer Lazaro A. Francisco developed the social realist tradition in Philippine fiction. His eleven novels, now acknowledged classics of Philippine literature, embody the author’s commitment to nationalism. Amadis Ma. Guerrero wrote, … Read more

Francisco Feliciano

Francisco Feliciano (February 19, 1941) National Artist for Music Today, February 19, 2023, is the 82nd birth anniversary of National Artist Francisco F. Feliciano. Francisco Feliciano’s corpus of creative work attests to the exceptional talent of the Filipino as an artist. His lifetime conscientiousness in bringing out the “Asianness” in his music, whether as a … Read more

Uwang Ahadas

Congratulations on the 78th birthday of Manlilikha ng Bayan Uwang Ahadas (February 15, 1945) Uwang Ahadas MusicianYakanLamitan, Basilan Uwang Ahadas was a Yakan, a people to whom instrumental music is of much significance, connected as it is with both the agricultural cycle and the social realm. He is cited for his talent and expertise in … Read more


The most well-known Filipino courting tradition is the arana/harana or the serenade which is typically done by young men outside of their love interest’s home as they look out the window! ARÁNA • (uh-RAH-nuh)serenade (traditionally done by young men courting ladies in front of their houses)Tagálog (Filipino): harána EtymologyFrom Spanish jarana (“merry-making, revelry”) HARÁNA / … Read more

Victorio Edades

NATIONAL ARTIST FROM MINDANAO. Did you know that National Artist for Visual Arts-Painting Victorio Edades settled in Davao after his retirement as an educator? He is known as the Father of Modern Arts in the Philippines. A lot of his paintings portray the hardships of the working class using somber and dark colors of bold … Read more