Terak Happy International Dance Day! Let’s look at some Kapampángan folk dances! How do you say “dance” in your language? TÉRAK • (TEH-ruhk)danceTagálog (Filipino): sayáw Videos and dances performed by Sinukwan Kapampangan Derived WordTÉRÁKAN • (TEH-RAH-kuhn)dancing eventTagálog (Filipino): sáyáwan Verb Conjugationtumérak, tétérak, tínérak – to dance (Actor Focus)itérak, tetérak, tinérak – to dance someone or … Read more

What is Disc Golf?

What is Disc Golf? Disc Golf is similar to traditional golf, however, instead of using golf clubs and balls aiming for a hole, disc golf players use disc golf discs and aim for a disc golf basket. Disc Golf is one of the best lifetime fitness sports. It is easy to learn, a healthy activity, … Read more

Cesar Legaspi

Cesar Legaspi (National Artist for Visual Arts – Born April 2, 1917) On this day, April 2, 2023, is the 106th birth anniversary of National Artist Cesar Legaspi. A pioneer “Neo-Realist” of the country, Cesar Legaspi is remembered for his singular achievement of refining cubism in the Philippine context. Legaspi belonged to the so-called “Thirteen … Read more

Levi Celerio

Remembering the life and works of National Artist Levi Celerio (National Artist for Music) on his 21st death anniversary (April 2, 2002). Levi Celerio was a prolific lyricist and composer, most known for his ability to create music using only a leaf. He was born and raised in Tondo, Manila, and received a scholarship from … Read more

Ang Paglangkub sa Yawa

“Ang Paglangkub sa Yawa”April 1, 2023Cebu City ‘Yawa’ is a term commonly known nowadays as ‘devil’ in Cebuano/Bisaya, often heard in the curse ‘pisting yawa’ (pesky demon, or a colloquial ‘f**k’). Although researchers debate the true origins, undoubtedly it’s become a term that conceptualizes the ‘devil.’ With the introduction of Spanish colonization & Christian religion, … Read more