Heat Wave Philippines

heat wave philippines
Is there a heatwave in the Philippines? | Image Source: PAGASA (@dost_pagasa)

Heat Wave Philippines

Is it a heatwave we are experiencing today in the Philippines?

What is a heatwave?

According to the World Meteorological Organization, a heatwave occurs when the maximum temperature for five consecutive days is above the average of 5 C.

The Philippines is not experiencing heat waves today.

Temperatures measured at PAGASA stations across the country this summer usually do not exceed 5 C from the average maximum temperature; if it exceeds, it takes no more than five days.

For example:

The average maximum temperature recorded by one PAGASA station is 33 C. That is, on dates 2-6 where the recorded temperature exceeds 5 C from the average there is a heatwave.

Source: PAGASA (@dost_pagasa)

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