Heat Wave Philippines

heat wave philippines
Is there a heatwave in the Philippines? | Image Source: PAGASA (@dost_pagasa)


Heat Wave Philippines


Is it a heatwave we are experiencing today in the Philippines?


What is heatwave?

According to the World Meteorological Organization, heatwave occurs when the maximum temperature for five consecutive days is above the average maximum temperature of 5 C.

The Philippines is not experiencing heat waves today.

Temperatures measured at PAGASA stations across the country this summer usually do not exceed 5 C from the average maximum temperature or if it does exceed, it takes no more than five days.


For example:

The average maximum temperature recorded by one PAGASA station is 33 C. That is, on dates 2-6 where the recorded temperature exceeds 5 C from the average there is a heatwave.

Source: PAGASA (@dost_pagasa)

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