Venus by Guillermo Tolentino

venus by guillermo tolentino
Venus by Guillermo Tolentino | @museumxst0ries

Venus by Guillermo Tolentino

This stunning sculpture in Plaster of Paris was made by no less than National Artist for Sculpture Guillermo Tolentino in 1951.

Entitled “Venus,” this work of art was inspired by The Birth of Venus by Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli, who made it in 1486 for the Medici Court.

Unlike Botticelli’s version which shows the goddess Venus emerging from the sea and covering her private parts with her hands, Guillermo’s sculpture is much more daring–it portrays Venus with her hands in her hair as if flaunting her nude body.

To complete the sculpture, Tolentino had to work with a live model dressed in a bathing suit.

Tolentino’s “Venus” can be seen at the National Museum of Fine Arts on loan from the Ernesto and Araceli Salas Collection.

Reference: Filipiknow net

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