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Protect Yourself From Foodborne Illnesses

Protect yourself from foodborne illnesses.   The Department of Health (DOH) recommends adherence to the World Health Organization’s  Five Keys to Safer Food in the fight against foodborne diseases like salmonella and listeriosis. These diseases can be deadly especially to children.   Health care in the Philippines is getting expensive every year. Protecting yourself from diseases will save… Read More »

International Plastic Bag Free Day 2018

International Plastic Bag Free Day 2018 was celebrated in the Philippines on July 3, 2018.   The Philippines’ Department of Natural Resources (DENR) advises households to  segregate their trash given that a large amount of garbage comes from them.   Individuals can do their part by bringing reusable bags like bayong or canvass bags when shopping.   International… Read More »

This Year’s Program For Nutrition Month In The Philippines

What is the program for Nutrition Month 2018 in the Philippines?   July is the Nutrition month in the Philippines.   Nutrition Month is a yearly campaign held every July to create greater awareness among Filipinos on the importance of nutrition.   This year’s theme encourages development of food gardens among families and in communities, schools, government offices,… Read More »

What Is Dangal ng Haraya?

102-year-old Kalinga Tattoo master Whang-Od Oggay conferred the Dangal ng Haraya award by the NCCA (National Commission For Culture And The Arts) for intangible cultural heritage.   Dangal ng Haraya (Achievement Award) is given to living Filipino artists, cultural workers, and historians, artistic or cultural groups, historical societies, institutions, foundations, and councils, for outstanding achievements in relevant fields… Read More »

Can a foreigner buy land in the Philippines?

Can a foreigner buy land in the Philippines? No. A foreigner can not buy land in the Philippines because Philippine law prohibits it. The Philippine Constitution, the highest law in the Philippines to which other laws must conform provides that no private lands shall be transferred or conveyed except to individuals, corporations, or associations qualified to acquire or… Read More »