Things An OFW Must Know About OEC Exemption

As part of the effort of the Administration of Philippine President Duterte to expedite the processing of OEC of Balik Manggagawa or vacationing OFWs, returning workers who meet the requirements below are exempt from acquiring an overseas employment certificate.   Before an ofw maybe exempt from oec, he/she must satisfy the following requirements:   a. Must have an… Read More »

11 Myths Uncovered About Philippine Martial Law

The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed Martial law in the Mindanao group of islands.   Proclamation No. 216 declaring a state of Martial law was signed by the President on May 23, 2017.     The Reasons for the declaration are the following:   1. The series of violent acts committed by the Maute terrorist group such as… Read More »

LTO License Renewal

  I am an OFW and I am frustrated that every time I take my vacation every after 2 years, I have to renew my drivers license.   Its a good news that lto license renewal is now easier and drivers license has now a validity of 5 years.   LTO License Renewal Fees are minimal.   License… Read More »

Philippine Army Officer Candidate Course

The Philippine Army Officer Candidate Course is one of the ways of becoming an officer in the Philippine Army.   There are generally 3 ways of becoming a Philippine Army Officer.   1. PMA – Philippine Military Academy 2. ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Course 3. OCC – Officer Candidate Course   For those who are interested to… Read More »

Philippine Air Force C295

  The Philippines now has in its inventory 3 new C295 cargo plane.   It is classified as a medium lift aircraft.   The 1st Philippine Air Force C295 plane was delivered in March 2016.   The 2nd C295 plane was delivered in September 2015.   The 3rd C295 plane was delivered in December 2015.   A C295… Read More »