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Senate Honored Philippines Mixed Martial Arts Champions

  The Philippine Senate Honored the Philippines Mixed Martial Arts Champions.   Senator Gatchalian is proud to be with the Cordillera warriors headed by the champion Mr.Eduard Folayang.   Eduard Folayang is the new One Championship Champion in the lightweight division.   The other champions are: Kevin Belingon – One Bamtamweight World Champiom Geje Eustaquio – One flyweight… Read More »

F. Sionil Jose | National Artist for Literature

  Happy birthday National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose. He was born on December 3, 1924.   F. Sionil Jose’s writings since the late 60s, when taken collectively can best be described as epic. Its sheer volume puts him on the forefront of Philippine writing in English.   But ultimately, it is the consistent espousal of the… Read More »

Tribu Bagobo Klata

  The Bagobo Klata are indigenous occupants of Davao.   They are known as one of the most elaborately dressed tribes.   They are also known for their fine artistry.   Back then, they were feared warriors.

Tribu Matigsalog

  Matigsalog means people who live along the river (salog).   They are a sub-tribe of the Manobo community.   They are considered warriors who are fearless of their enemies but at the same time are advocators of peace with their neighborhood tribal communities.

Tribu Ata

  Ata means “dwellers in highlands.”   They are a powerful people of unknown origin who appear to be a mixture of Negritos and Malays, and belong to the largest community of indigenous people, the Manobo.   They were noted to be highly nomadic and tended to live in single family units.