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Resorts In Islas de Gigantes

  The following are the more popular resorts in Islas de Gigantes. 1. Jesa Beach Resort – a beautiful resort with excellent reviews and some Bali like lounge areas and cabanas. You may inquire at 09127240081. 2. Rosewood Place Resort – Another well-known resort in Gigantes Norte which offers beachfront cottages at a reasonable price. You may inquire… Read More »

Talisayen Cove

  Visit Talisayen Cove in San Antonio, Zambales. Most of the people who have been there will tell you that the place is clean, peaceful and the people are kind. A Php2,000 budget for an overnight stay is enough.A commute to Pundaquit (Pundakit) will take you 4 hours and a boat to talisayen will take you 1 hour.… Read More »

Maniwaya Island: Hidden Gem in Marinduque

  Maniwaya Island has creamy white sand. While there, you can do island hopping or breakfast in the sandbar and many more activities. Activities may include: Visiting the Palad Sand Bar and Ungab Cave Snorkeling Various water activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and paddleboarding Sunset watching A budget of Php3,000 for an overnight stay will be enough. Travel… Read More »

LTO has a new robotic equipment to make license plates

Take a look at the modern Land Transportation Office (LTO) robotic equipment used in the manufacture of vehicle license plates in the LTO plate-making facility in Quezon City.(DOT)     Seven hundred (700) plates per hour can be produced by IDeROBOT, which now brings faster, more systematic and more secure plate making. It is estimated that over 5,600… Read More »

Blumentritt LRT Station

  The Ferdinand Blumentritt Light Railway Transit Station is located between Abad Santos station and Tayuman LRT station. Blumentritt station was named after Ferdinand Blumentritt. He is a teacher. Blumetritt is a friend and advisor of Jose Rizal, Philippines’ national hero. He translated Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere in German and wrote introductions for El Filibusterismo and Sucesos… Read More »