First Bishop of Manila

first bishop of manila
The First Bishop of Manila: Domingo de Salazar | @CathedralManila

The First Bishop of Manila: Domingo de Salazar 

The Dominican Domingo de Salazar is the first bishop of Manila. Domingo de Salazar arrived in 1581 in his vast Diocese of Manila covering the whole Philippines.

He immediately faced the questions and problems in his diocese particularly concerning the abuses and injustices done by the colonials to the natives. He soon convoked the First Synod of Manila in 1582, to make clear the norms of justice, what was morally right or wrong in the new Spanish colony.

The major decisions of the synod clarified that all persons of all races have natural rights that cannot be taken away from them, those who exercise authority has an obligation to bring about the common good, those who commit injustice should do restitution to the aggrieved party, and it is the right and duty of the clergy to call attention to abuses against injustice, especially the poor, which is an integral part of their mission to preach the Gospel.

Bishop Domingo de Salazar, OP died in 1594, at the age of 82, after making a long trip to Spain to bring the cause of justice to the king.

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