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In the Tausug magpasumbayi marriage tradition, if a man is financially unable to gather the bridewealth, he is to seek the house of the woman he intends to marry with an imam and bring the amount he can afford with a kris. Should the woman’s parents refuse the offer, the kris shall be used against him resulting in his death.

Parts of Kris

  1. Asang-asang (stirrup)
  2. Puhan (hilt)
  3. Katik (guard)
  4. Gutlang Katik (line separating guard from blade)
  5. Taguban (scabbard)
  6. Tiuwang (blade)

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Image Source: Nayong Pilipino Foundation, Kris, Digital Archival Photo, ‪4,272 x 2,848‬ pixels., NPF- Ethnographic Collection.

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