Lawak Island

lawak island
Lawak Island | Naval Forces West (@NFW_PN)

Lawak Island

Lawak literally means “Vastness“and internationally known as “Nanshan Island”.

It has an area of 7.93 hectares (79.300 Square Meter). It is located 98 miles (158 kilometers) east of Pag-asa Island.

This island is a bird sanctuary. It has a small lagoon where young birds practice to wade and dive, safe from predators of the open sea.

Near the fringes of the breakwaters (approx. 2 miles (3 km) from the island), intact hard coral reefs were observed to retain their natural environment and beautiful tropical fishes were seen colonizing these coral beds of varying colors.

It is also covered with coconut trees, bushes and grass. It is 580 meters long, on the edge of a submerged reef.

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