Virginia Ty-Navarro

virginia ty-navarro
Virginia Ty-Navarro | @natmuseumph

Virginia Ty-Navarro is considered as one of the pioneering female artists in the Philippines. Equipped with a diverse arsenal of creative techniques, Virgie—as she was affectionately called—helped pave the foundation through which many Filipino women were able to pursue their artistry.

Last March, the National Museum PH of Fine Arts unveiled its newest exhibition, “Virginia Ty-Navarro: Breaking Barriers”, which included many of her artworks in different media—from watercolor, oil, concrete, plaster of Paris, bronze and brass, Philippine jade, and wood. The exhibition also features works that have been done in her signature incision technique.

Learn more about Virginia Ty-Navarro’s life and art by visiting the Virginia Ty-Navarro: Breaking Barriers exhibition at Gallery XVII (Special Exhibition Hall Dedicated to Women’s Art) at the National Museum of Fine Arts! Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9 AM-6 PM. Admission is FREE!

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