Ben N’ Yan’s BBQ Place

ben n' yan's
Ben N’ Yan’s | Image Credit: @DFAPHL


Are you craving for Filipino food in the USA? Try Crispy Pata, Bulalo, and Pinaputukang Pampano at Ben N’ Yan’s BBQ Place at Guam, USA.

Ben N’ Yan’s is located at 108 Manhattan Boulevard, Army Drive, Dededo, Guam, USA. It has a branch located on the 2nd floor, A.B. Won pat International Airport, Guam, USA.

Ben N’ Yan’s best-sellers are

  1. Crispy pata,
  2. Bulao, and
  3. Pinaputukang Pampano.


Crispy Pata
Deep-fried pork knuckles served with choice of mang Tomas (pork liver) sauce or finadene, a salty, spicy, and sour condiment in Chamorro cuisine.


Simmered beef bone marrow with bokchoy and cabbage.


Pinaputukang Pampano
Fired pompano fish dish, topped with sauteed bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and chili peppers.


You may visit Ben and Yan’s website at


For your reservations and inquiry, you may call (671) 649 3869 or send an email at and


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