Suklating Batirul

SUKLATING BATIRUL (Tsokolate de Batirol)Kapampángan Christmas BeverageHeirloom Kapampángan Hot Chocolate Sukláting batirul is the Kapampángan traditional hot chocolate popular during Christmas that is made from tablea or pure ground roasted cacao beans formed into blocks. Tablea is mixed with sweet condensed milk, evaporated milk, and water over a light to medium fire. It is mixed … Read more

Ligang Pasku

Ligang Pasku This Kapampángan Christmas dish has not 1, not 2, but 3 kinds of meat in it: beef, pork, and chicken! It’s said to be the result of combining the meat leftovers from noche buena (Christmas Eve meal)! LÍGANG PASKU • (LEE-guhng puhs-KU)a Kapampángan Christmas soup dish prepared with boiled beef, pork, chicken, and … Read more

Sanikulas Cookies

Sanikulas Cookies ST. NICK COOKIES? Here’s a miraculous Kapampángan heirloom delicacy that is named after Saint Nicholas! Pan de San Nicolas originated from St. Nicolas de Tolentino, one of the most beloved saints of Pampanga. Old folklore stories tell that the cookies were baked carefully, stored in large jars, and fed to a person struck … Read more


Betute is an exotic Kapampangan food. Betute is a deep fried frog stuffed with ground pork. You may want to read: Curacha

Buro Kapampangan

Buro Kapampangan Buro is an exotic Kapampangan food. Buru is a fermented rice and salt mixed with fish or shrimp that is a popular condiment among Kapampangan. You may want to read: Ubod sa Tahure