Ngohiong (Central Visayas) is a type of spring roll that originated from Cebu. It is made with ground pork, shrimp, water chesnuts, and other seasonings, wrapped in a flour-based wrapper. You may want to read: Lumpia


Cansi is a type of sour beef soup. The highlight of this dish is the beef shanks used to cook it and the Batuan, a pulpy fruit used as a souring agent for the broth. You may want to read: Gokong Soup

Chicken Binakol

Chicken Binakol (Western Visayas) A type of soup dish that originated from the Aklan province. It is traditionally cooked in a fresh node of bamboo or halved coconut shells. It is similar to the Tinola but instead of just using water for the broth, coconut water and even coconut meat is used. You may want … Read more

Baduya nga Pasayan

Baduya nga Pasayan (Eastern Visayas) Also known as Maruyang Hipo, this dish is made up of shrimp coated in a light, crispy butter and then deep fried. You may want to read: Baduya nga Tahong


Moron (Eastern Visayas) A kind of rice cake or suman combined with tablea. It is often served wrapped in a banana leaf and paired with hot coffee or a chocolate drink called Sikwate. You may want to read: Cordero