Betute is an exotic Kapampangan food. Betute is a deep fried frog stuffed with ground pork. You may want to read: Curacha

Buro Kapampangan

Buro Kapampangan Buro is an exotic Kapampangan food. Buru is a fermented rice and salt mixed with fish or shrimp that is a popular condiment among Kapampangan. You may want to read: Ubod sa Tahure

Pindang Kapampangan

Pindang Kapampangan is known as Tocino in Tagalog, this is a method of preserving strips of meat in sugar and salt. This included pork (pindang babi), and carabao (pindang damulag). In contrast to the generally sweet Filipino tocino, the Kapampangan pindang is typically more souras the process takes days to let the meat cure. You … Read more

Kamaru Kapampangan

Kamaru Kapampangan Kamaru is a Kapampangan exotic food. Kamaru is a mole cricket (crickets) typically cooked as an exotic adobo dish. You may want to read: Adobo sa Kamatis  

Kapampangan Bulanglang

Kapampangan Bulanglang is a sour recipe for fish and meat that is comparable to the Tagalog sinigang. However, the Kapampangan Bulanglang uses guava as its souring ingredient while the Tagalog sinigang uses tamarind. You may want to read: Diosdado Macapagal Favorite Food