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Linagpang Who likes chicken barbecue soup? To continue our Food Trip in Western Visayas, this Filipino Food Month, we are serving you a bowl of hot, spicy, roasted chicken soup to warm up your day. Linagpang is an Ilonggo comfort food. The dish is prepared by char-grilling the chicken first before adding it to the spicy flavorful soup.… Read More »


Have you tasted the sweet, sticky Alupe? As we continue Filipino Food Month, the National Museum of Bohol brings to you the Boholano version of this sweet dessert. In other Visayan islands, the main ingredients of alupe are cassava and coconut. But in the rice-producing municipalities of central Bohol, particularly Bilar, this treat is made of “ginaling nga… Read More »

Different types of Longganisa

Different Types of Longganisa A longganisa is a type of smoked chorizo or sausage stuffed inside a hog casing. It is a common viand for breakfast in Filipino homes. Generally, there are two types of Longganisa:1. Garlicky (de Recado)2. Sweet (Jamonado) Below are some of the well known Filipino longganisa: Vigan Longganisa – garlicky, spicy, and tangy, influenced… Read More »


Kamansi 2 Popular Kamansi Dish Tinunuang Kamansi Nilung-ag nga Liso sa Kamansi April is Filipino Food Month! For this month’s Tropical Thursday series, National Museum of Bohol we will feature delectable plant-based Filipino food source. Let’s start off with the Breadnut (Artocarpus camansi) commonly called as Kamansi. The kamansi belongs to the genus Artocarpus, which comes from the… Read More »


  Belchon Valenzuela Looking for Lechon belly for Christmas celebrations, try out Belchon Valenzuela! Lechon Belly, Pancit Lechon, Lechon Sisig, Lechon Pares and Lechon Paksiw. They’re located at 115A MacArthur Highway, Fatima Marulas. FB, “Belchon Valenzuela” or contact them at 09458848839. You may want to read: Bbq Dreamz