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Philippine History Month is August by virtue of Proclamation No.339

Philippine History Month is August of every year by virtue of Proclamation No.339.   Philippine History Month is as a way for remembering important people and events and to emphasize the most significant turning points in Philippine history.   This year’s history month 2018 theme is “Kasaysayan:Tuklasin,Mahalin,Palaganapin”. Proclamation No.339 was signed by President Benigno Aquino on February 16,2012.… Read More »

Pinggang Pinoy

What is Pinggang Pinoy? Ma. Jovina A. Sandoval, Science Research Specialist II from DOST-FNRI explains the importance of pinggang pinoy and how it can help you eat correctly and eat the right foods.   Pinggang Pinoy simply teach you to always prepare a plated meal for yourself and for your family following the pinggang pinoy food guide.  … Read More »

Prayer In Time Of Flooding

Prayer In Time Of Flooding Lord God, You promised to all Creation that the great deluge will not occur again, that you will not again destroy the earth through catastrophic flooding. Because of mankind’s sins, you chastised the world with deadly water. Now we are reminded of our shortcomings and offenses as we see water rising. Have mercy… Read More »

NFA Rice Kontra Abuso Launched

NFA Rice Kontra Abuso Launched   NFA Rice Administrator Jason Aquino leads the launching of “NFA KONTRA ABUSO”.   NFA Kontra Abuso will be a watch body to fight against NFA Rice diversion, rebagging, mixing, and adulteration.   The National Food Authority (NFA) encourages the public to observe, be vigilant and report against Abuses by NFA personnel, rice… Read More »

Natural Family Planning Methods In The Philippines

Natural Family Planning Methods In The Philippines   Family Planning reinforces your right to determine the number and spacing of your children.   Here are the best ways to protect from unintended pregnancies. Withdrawal/Calendar-based methods/Female condom Male condom Oral pill Injectables IUDs Female sterilization Vasectomy Implants Among the family planning methods mentioned above, IUDs,Female sterilization, Vasectomy and Implants… Read More »