Katmon Tree

Katmon (Dillenia philippensis) | @DENROfficial

Katmon (Dillenia philippensis)
1. Has deep roots that can withstand strong winds.
2. Tolerant of occasional waterlogging.
3. Native to the Philippines.

Katmon Tree is a medium-sized evergreen tree that grows up to 15 meters high. It is commonly found in lowland and medium elevation forests.

Several parts of the tree, including the fruits, leaves, bark, and flowers, have been frequently used in traditional medicine.

Katmon is also harvested for its timber, which is suitable for furniture and cabinet making as it has a beautiful silver grain similar to a quartered oak. A red dye can also be obtained from its bark.

katmon flower
Katmonflower | @natmuseumph

Locally known as katmon, this endemic species has become a favorite garden tree because of its large, ornamental, white flowers. It produces edible fleshy fruits that can be used for jams or as a souring agent for cooking, and have traditional medicinal uses.

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