Manuel Luis Quezon Y Molina

Manuel Luis Quezon
Manuel Luis Quezon Y Molina | @grupokalinangan

Manuel Luis Quezon Y Molina

Manuel Quezon was born on August 29, 1878, in Baler, Aurora Province. His father is Lucio Quezon was a Spanish colonial army officer, while his mother, Maria Dolores Molina, was a primary school teacher.

Manuel started studying in Manila when he was nine years old and stayed there until university. As a schoolboy, he was described as “bright yet lazy” and “gulerato” or bluffer by his friends and teachers.

Quezon studied law at the University of Santo Tomas but did not graduate. His father and brother were murdered in 1898, most likely because they supported the Spanish government against Filipino nationalists. A year later, Quezon joined Emilio Aguinaldo’s guerilla forces against the Americans. He was then accused of murdering an American prisoner and was imprisoned for six months, only to be cleared of the crime due to lack of evidence.

Quezon passed the bar exam in 1903 and swiftly rose to political prominence.

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