Museo de Intramuros is now open to the public

museo de intramuros
Museo de Intramuros | @DTCAM_

When was the last time you visited Intramuros?

Introducing the newest tourist attraction in the walled city.

Museo de Intramuros is located in two important reconstructions inside the walled city,  the San Ignacio Church and Convent, and the Mission House of the Society of Jesus.

It houses more than 500 artifacts found in the different old churches in Intramuros.

It is an ecclesiastical museum that solidifies Intramuros as one of the premiere faith tourism destinations in the Philippines.

The Museo de Intramuros is now open to the public starting May 7, 2022 Tuesdays to Fridays 9 AM to 5 PM

Admission Rate:

  • Php 200 (regular rate)
  • Php 160 (Children, Seniors, and PWDs)

The current in-house exhibition presents the story of the evangelization of the Philippines from the perspective of the Filipinos. It explores changes in the Filipino psyche as colonization introduced a new religion and culture to the natives.(manilatimes)

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