LRT Train Hit Another LRT Train In Line One


Passengers were stranded in Monumento Station and Roosevelt station

of Line One of the LRT when one of the train hit another train

along the Monumento station in line one.


The hit train was severely damaged. Its body was crumpled like a

tin can and its window glass broken.


One of the train’s Driver/Machinist was injured and brought to the

MCUFDT hospital.


Initial investigation of the LRTA revealed that there was a power

fluctuation at about 7:03 AM.


Protocol says that this would cause a red signal. Red signal means

all LRT trains must stop to prevent any untoward accident.


One of the train stopped along a curve route in the Monumento

station going to Balintawak station when one of the train hit it.


Investigators are puzzled why one of the train hit the other when

the power was already cut off.


It is not clear why one of the train moved when the power was

already cut off.


Investigation is underway on what cause the LRT train to hit

the other. The investigation will tell if the accident was caused

by human error or a technical problem.


Witnesses says that they heard a loud sound when the incident



The trains involved were moderately loaded with passengers when

the accident happened. None of the passengers were injured.


The effect of the accident caused massive queue of passengers in

Monumento station and also in Roosevelt station.


It was past 1 pm when the normal operation of the LRT 1 trains

were restored after the two trains were removed from the train



This is not the first time that this kind of accident happens.

On February 2011 two trains was also involved in a collision along

LRT MRT loop in Quezon City. A taxi below was hit by a debris but

the passengers were not injured.