Bacnotan La Union Severely Damaged By Typhoon Egay


Residents of Bacnotan La Union and the entire La Union Province,

the Philippines is afraid of the coming typhoon “Falcon” since

the province has not yet recovered from the devastations caused

by Typhoon “Egay”.


Ildefonsa Almirol’s family from Bacnotan La Union suffered a

double tragedy.


Last week, her son died and then her house was flooded by typhoon

“Egay”. The Cemetery where her son will be finally laid to rest

is above water.


The Bacnotan Public Cemetery was flooded neck deep at the height

of the Typhoon when the Busawit Dam released excess water.


Until now, there are areas in the Bacnotan La Union public

cemetery which are flooded including the grave where Mrs.

Almirol’s son will be laid to rest.


Mrs. Almirol hope’s that her son will finally be laid to rest

tomorrow before the rain comes caused by the coming typhoon



Earlier, the Bacnotan La Union local government distributed

relief goods to residents of isolated communities near rivers.


Most of the hanging bridges going to these communities were

destroyed during the typhoon which caused their communities

to be isolated.


It was difficult for Bacnotan La Union local government to

transport the relief goods to these isolated communities

because the river is almost 20 feet deep.


It has been 2 days that these communities have no electricity

and they are not aware of the coming typhoon “Falcon”.


Mayor Francisco Fontanilla of Bacnotan La Union said that ways

are being developed to easily distribute relief goods to

his constituents in case similar natural calamities will occur.


Meanwhile, GMA Kapuso Foundation is conducting relief operation

in Bangar La Union to help those communities which have not yet

received any help from anybody.