Manila Chinese Cemetery

manila chinese cemetery
Manila Chinese Cemetery | @grupokalinangan via Photo: The Beauty of the Philippines/

Manila Chinese Cemetery

Built for non-Catholics in the Spanish period, the Chinese Cemetery boasts of Chinese and Western architectural styles that reflect the opulence and heritage of the Filipino-Chinese community.

Cemeterio Para Chinos is the second oldest cemetery in Manila next to La Loma. It was built for Chinese citizens and non-Catholics who denied burial in Catholic grounds by Spanish officials. The Chinese, who belonged to the richest tier in society that time, built mausoleums that reflected their wealth and heritage.

The Chinese Cemetery housed a number of notable temples and memorials. Chong Hock Tong Temple was the oldest pre-War Chinese temple before it was demolished in 2015. The Philippine Chinese Anti-Japanese War Memorial Complex commemorates the Filipino and Chinese combined resistance during World War II. The Apolinario Mabini Pyramid continues to stand even after his remains were reburied in Batangas.

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