Philippine Stars Bootylicious Figure Secret Revealed


Bootylicious body is what some Philippine stars desire.


If the United States have Kim Kardashian and Beyonce whose

bootylicious body is envied by most women, the Philippines

Andrea Torres, Max Collins and Ruffa Mae Quinto are not that

far behind.


What are there secrets of having a bootylicious figure?


These Philippine stars definitely brought sexy back. When they

wear a body hugging outfit, their body’s well defined curve

is very prominent.


Hollywood personalities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim

Kardashian and Nikki Minaj are the best foreign examples of

what a bootylicious body looks like.


GMA actress Max Collins who is proud of her big bone said

that she does a lot of cardio and stretching exercises to firm

her lower body.


Andrea Torres, a fitness enthusiast said that she regularly

work on her butt muscles since it takes time to tone the

but area.


Ruffa Mae Quinto said that she also workout and do squats to

tone her butt muscles.


Sam Pinto said that she tried wearing underwear’s which has

a foam and she naughtily said that it works. Her Butt muscles

are well toned because she do a lot of surfing.


Underwear’s with foam are now being sold for those who do not

have time to work their butt muscles but wants to look



Helen Magsakay, manager of Lady Grace said that not all women

are gifted with a bootylicious body, less gifted women who

wants to look bootylicious needed this body enhancers.


Unlike Invasive injections to have a bootylicious figure, this

underwear’s with foam is cheap and no unhealthy effect on the



Nothing will beat a bootylicious body achieved through regular