Kapuso Hunks Secret To A Well Sculpted Body


GMA Network Kapuso Hunks says rain or shine, there is no excuse

to workout to achieve a fit and healthy body.


Most Filipino males dream of the six pack abs of Tom Rodriguez,

the slim and slick body of Christian Bautista and Steel Cord

arms of Dennis Trillo.


These Kapuso Hunks said that there is no more excuses to be fit

and healthy. Exercises and workouts can be done even when you

are just inside your home.


Enzo Pineda said that since he started working out, he seldom

get sick even if he is wakeful due to tapings of his TV series

“My Mother’s Secret”.


He devotes at least 10 minutes of his time each day to perform

cardio exercises. For his abs, he always performs abdominal

crunches and do not be discouraged when you feel the abdominal

burn. Consistency is the key. Any work of art like a well

sculpted body takes a lot of time.


Ervic Vijandre meanwhile said that all he needs is 10 minutes

to complete his full work out and the cold weather or rainy

weather is not an excuse. Regular exercise gives him added

strength and endurance. He maintains his regular diet and eat

his regular food.