What does the Red Ribbon Mean?

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What does the Red Ribbon Mean?

Red Ribbon is the process of authenticating Philippine documents intended for use


The process of authenticating documents was previously under the Office of the
President but is now transferred to the DFA’s Office of Consular Affairs.


Executive Order No.582 signed on December 24, 2006 transferred the process of
authenticating documents intended for use abroad (more popularly known as the “red
ribbon” service”) from the Office of the President to the DFA’s Office of Consular


Under this executive order, the DFA-OCA (Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of
Consular affairs) is mandated to be the agency solely responsible for authenticating
documents certified as authentic by the issuing agency office.


Procedure in the authentication of Documents (“RED RIBBON”)


I. How do you get your documents authenticated? Here is the procedure for authentication

  • Step 1: Fill out an application form (Maximum of 5 documents per application form)
  • Step 2: Present a valid ID upon submission of the documents to the processing Window
  • Step 3: Pay appropriate Authentication Fee (Php 100/document–4 days processing/
    Php 200/document–1 day) processing to the Cashier.
  • Step 4: Bring official receipt and claim the authenticated documents on indicated
    release schedule.

For more details, please visit consular authentication.


II.Does authentication need an appointment? No appointment is needed for authentication


III. Where can you submit documents for authentication? Are authentication services
available on Saturdays?

Authentication services are available only at the following Consular Offices:

  • DFA Aseana,
  • DFA NCR-Northeast (Ali Mall),
  • DFA NCR-East (SM Megamall),
  • DFA NCR-West (SM Manila),
  • DFA NCR-South (Metro Gaisano Alabang) and
  • DFA San Fernando, Pampanga

Yes, authentication services are available from Monday to Saturday. But authenticated
documents are released only from Monday to Friday.

DFA Aseana does not have authentication services on Saturday.


IV. Can you send a representative to have your documents authenticated for you? What
are the requirements?

Applicants must file/claim their documents personally. If you are unable to do so, you
may send your authorized representative who may file/claim documents on your behalf.


Your authorized representative must present a Special Power of Attorney, a photocopy
of the applicant’s Valid ID bearing his/her signature and the representative’s own
Valid ID bearing his/her signature and one photocopy.

For more information, please visit the requirements for authorized representatives.