Passenger Jeepney Hit By 2 Bus 28 Injured

By | May 19, 2015


A Passenger Jeepney with no less than 20 passengers on board was

hit by two trucks while traversing Cavitex.


The Jeepney was crumpled like a tin can.


Initial investigation revealed that the passenger jeepney was

traversing the 3rd lane going North of Cavitex (An Expressway Going

South of Metro Manila) when one of its tire exploded.


The right back tire of the passenger jeepney exploded at around noon.


According to Rosauro Hipol, traffic manager of Cavitex, the Saulog

bus was behind the passenger jeepney when the right back tire exploded,

the jeepney went into a slowdown but because of the short distance

between the two vehicle, the bus was not able to apply the break on

time and hit the jeepney.


The Driver of the Saulog bus, Romnick Pintor, said that the bus was

traveling at 60 kilometer per hour. But because of the sudden

stoppage of the passenger jeepney in front, the break failed to

prevent the bus from hitting the jeepney.


When the Saulog bus hit the jeepney, the jeepney swerved to the

left and bumped by another approaching bus, the Jasper Jean.


The Jeepney’s ceiling separated and the passengers flying around.


The injured passengers were rushed to the San Juan De Dios



The Driver of the passenger jeepney was no where to be found

and believed to have run away and in hiding.


Police Senior Inspector Albert Arevalo, Chief of the Las Pinas

traffic unit said that no one should be blamed as it was pure

accident. But he further said that it will be the fiscal’s office

to decide after they will submit the result of their investigation.


Time and again the reminders to the drivers and operators of

motor vehicles that they must always check the condition of

their vehicle before travelling and always keep a safe distance

between vehicles.

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