Philippine Truckers Association Disappointed

By | May 18, 2015


The LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board)

prohibited For-Hire Trucks more than 15 years or more from

operating in Philippine highways.


Philippine Truckers Association protested. The Truck operators

conducted a small program in front of the LTFRB office to let

there sentiments be heard.


The protesters caravan of more or less 200 trucks caused severe

traffic congestion in East Avenue Quezon City where the LTFRB office

is located.


The Truckers Associations argument was that the LTFRB must not

prohibit the operation of the For-Hire trucks. LTFRB must give them

time where to put those trucks that will be phased out.


According to the truckers association, there are 300,000 registered

trucks transporting goods to and from Metro Manila.


80% of these trucks according to the Philippine Truckers are more

than 15 years old.


Teddy Gervacio, the President of the Integrated North Harbor Truckers

association that prohibiting the operation of these trucks will

have a detrimental effect to the economy. The bottom line, he said,

is that there will be shortage of trucks and more demand for cargo

which is worst than the presently implemented day light truck ban.


The Truckers association recognizes the safety first policy when

operating their trucks but the trucks age should not be the sole

basis for the phase out or prohibition but the real condition of the



LTFRB argued that the policy has been implemented since the year 2012

and these should gave the truckers enough time to replace their aging

fleet of old trucks.


Atty. Winston Ginez, The LTFRB Chairman, said that it is the intention

of the government is to push for a road worthy vehicle. At present

what we are doing is to prohibit the operation of vehicles 15 years

or more in age but we are open to discussion he further said.


Those caught operating despite the prohibition will be considered

as colorum (without a franchise) and will be subjected to a 200,000

peso fine. Aside from the fine, the offending truck will be impounded.


2nd or more violation will cause the total revocation of the operator

of the offending trucks.

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