Mark Munoz Was Given A Standing Ovation


Filipino American Mark Munoz, popularly known as the Filipino

Wrecking Machine was given a standing ovation in his last fight

in the UFC.


He fought very hard in the 3rd and last round throwing a lot of

punches and a lot of different combinations which caused him to

win the bout via unanimous decision.


He thanked all the Filipino people for their support.


The UFC fight titled UFC Fight Night Manila held in Mall of Asia saw

Mark Munoz won his last fight in the UFC octagon.


Roldan Sangchaan, the other Filipino fighter fought John De Los Reyes

of Guam, USA. Roldan Sangchaan was bloodied and lost through a rear

naked choke move made by John De Los Reyes.


Mark Eddiva, another Filipino pride also lost in his featherweight



One Filipino pride, Filipino American Philippe Nover won via split

decision against the Korean Yui Chul Nam. He carried Yui Chul Nam

few times to take him down. The Korean fought hard but ultimately

the Filipino won via split decision. Philippe Nover was very happy

to win his first fight.


In the main event however, Frankie Edgar defeated Urijah Faber.