Philippine Feminist Association

philippine feminist association
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Philippine Feminist Association (Asociacion Feminista Filipina)

Founded on 30 June 1905 in Manila at the initiative of Concepcion Felix and with the collaboration of

  • Trinidad Rizal,
  • Clemencia Lopez,
  • Bonifacia Delgado de Barretto,
  • Maria Arevalo,
  • Sofia Reyes,
  • Helen C. Wilson,
  • Paz Natividad Vda. de Zulueta,
  • Maria F. de Villamor,
  • Teresa Solis and
  • Agueda and Jacoba Paterno.

It was the first woman’s club in the Philippines dedicated to the promotion of social welfare and the encouragement of the participation of women in public affairs.

The first President was Concepcion Felix; Secretary, Trinidad Rizal; Treasurer, Bonifacia Delgado de Barretto; and themembers of the Boardof Directors were Clemencia Lopez, Maria F. de Villamor, Maria Arevalo and Helen C. Wilson.

The first meeting was held at the home of Paz Natividad Vda. de Zulueta on Salcedo Street (now part of Rizal Avenue).

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