Linagpang | @nationalmuseum.wv via Photo courtesy of Flavours of Iloilo


Who likes chicken barbecue soup? To continue our Food Trip in Western Visayas, this Filipino Food Month, we are serving you a bowl of hot, spicy, roasted chicken soup to warm up your day.

Linagpang is an Ilonggo comfort food. The dish is prepared by char-grilling the chicken first before adding it to the spicy flavorful soup. The broth is made by bringing to boil ginger, tomato, onion, garlic, and ginamos or shrimp paste. To give this soup a kick of spiciness, the kutitot nga katumbal (siling labuyo) is added.

Did you know that there are other linagpang dishes in Panay? You can choose from linagpang nga turagsoy (mudfish), linagpang nga bangrus (milkfish) or linagpang nga tilapia. Whatever your choice is, it will definitely warm a cold day.

The next time you visit Western Visayas, add linagpang in your must-taste-food list!

Who serves the best linagpang nga manok, turagsoy, bangrus or tilapia in town?

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