Popular Street Foods in the Philippines

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Street foods in the Philippines may be classified as follows:

  • Prito (Fried)
  • Inihaw (Barbecued)
  • Savory
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Sweets
  • Snacks

Prito (Fried)

  • Kwek-Kwek (Tokneneng)
  • Fishballs
  • Calamares
  • Chicken skin
  • Turon (Fried banana wrapped in spring roll paper)
  • Maruya (Banana fritter)
  • One day old chick
  • Cheese stick
  • Kikiam
  • Banana-Q
  • Kamote-Q
  • Proben (Chicken proventriculus)

Inihaw (Barbecued)

  • Pork barbecue
  • Isaw (Chicken intestines)
  • Betamax (Dried pork/Chicken blood)
  • Adidas (Chicken feet)
  • Helmet (Chicken head)
  • Pigskin


  • Balut (Fertilized duck egg)
  • Sisig (Sizzling pork jowls, ears and liver)
  • Soup #5 (Soup made from bull testicles and/or penises)
  • Mami and Goto (Noodle soup and rice porridge)

Fresh fruits

  • Pakwan (Watermelon)
  • Buko (Coconut)
  • PiƱa (Pineapple)
  • Manggang hilaw (Unripe green mango with bagoong)


  • Halo-halo (Shaved ice, topped with various fruits and condensed milk)
  • Iskrambol (Banana slushy with condensed milk)
  • Sorbetes (Dirty Ice Cream)
  • Taho (Soft tofu with tapioca pearls in sugar syrup)


  • Binatog (Boiled white corn kernel with coconut shavings)
  • Mais (Corn)
  • Mani (Peanut)
  • Chicharon (Pork rinds)

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