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Did you know that a famous Filipino exotic food comes from a word that means “wrap”?

BÁLUT • (BAH-loot)
Tagálog (Filipino): bálot

Derived Filipino Exotic Food Name
BALUT • (buh-LOOT)
literally means “wrapped”, a Filipino exotic food, a fertilized developing egg embryo (usually a duck) that is boiled or steamed and eaten from the shell.

It derives its name from the word balut ‘wrapped’ which refers to how the embryo is covered with a whitish film.

Derived Words
PAMÁLUT • (puh-MAH-loot)
wrapper, wrapping material
Tagálog (Filipino): pambálot

PÍBALÚTAN • (PEE-buh-LOO-tuhn)
used wrapping material
Tagálog (Filipino): pinagbalútan, pinambálot

Verb Conjugation
mamálut, mámálut, mémálut – to wrap (Actor Focus)
ibálut, babálut, binálut – to wrap something (Object Focus)
balútan, babalútan, bélútan – to wrap something with some material (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Balútan méng pamálut ing balut. [Kap]
Balútin mo ng pambálot ang balút. [Tag]
Wrap the balut with some wrapper. [Eng]

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