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This unique Kapampángan expression attached to greetings is used to indicate a reference to God which is considered very vital in Kapampángan and biblical culture!

DISPÛ • (dis-POO’)
contraction of “Dios pû”, a Kapampángan expression affixed to greetings that are referenced to God
Tagálog (Filipino) equivalent: Táo pô “Anybody home? There’s a person outside.” (used when knocking on someone’s home to indicate that a person is outside)

Dispû is a contraction of “Dios pû”, a phrase attached to greetings that are referenced to God (example: Máyap a béngi ning Dispû “Good Evening of the Lord!”)

Dios means “god” (from Spanish dios “god”).
Pû is the politeness particle in Kapampángan.

Example Phrase (Christmas Greeting)
Paskung Máyap ning Dispû! [Kap]
Paskóng Mabúti ng Diyos! (literal) [Tag]
A Good/Blessed Christmas of the Lord! / Merry Christmas! [Eng]

This is a special formal way of saying “Merry Christmas” unique to Kapampángan.

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