How to receive social amelioration package from DSWD?

social amelioration package
How to receive social amelioration package from DSWD? | Image Source: DSWD


How to receive a social amelioration package from the DSWD?

1. The local government will distribute a Social Amelioration Card (SAC) form within their respective jurisdiction. This is done by giving SAC form to each house or “house to house basis.”

2. The head of the family will write down the information requested in the SAC form. The complete information required in the document must be provided.

3. Make sure the information provided on the form is complete. Submit the form to a local government representative who will return to your home.

4.DSWD and other agencies will deliver assistance to you through the local government.

Note: The SAC form is just a validation tool that aims to find out who needs the most help right away. Therefore, your cooperation and understanding are most needed.

For more information, contact DSWD at 8951-2803.


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