DSWD Calamity Fund: For Boracay | Common Questions Asked?

Where Does The DSWD Calamity Fund for Boracay go?


The Calamity fund for Boracay will be used for the following:

  • Cash for work – P77 million
  • Sustainable livelihood program-livelihood assistance grant-P250 million
  • Aids to individuals in crisis situation (AICS) – 80 million


Under the AICS, one can avail of transportation, medical, educational and
burial assistance.


It is true that people will no longer receive financial assistance from
the calamity fund?

No, The calamity fund will be used for programs that will benefit
the people in Boracay. However, it will not be given in one time.
It will be given by participating in programs such as cash for work,
sustainable livelihood program, availment of AICS.


What is cash for work?

It is a dswd program that is usually implemented after a disaster or
crisis. All those who will participate will work for 8 hours a day
for 30 days in the community and in return they will be paid a wage.


How much money can one get when working for cash for work?

Each one will get P323.50 per day or P9,705 for 30 days of work.

dswd calamity fund
DSWD Calamity Fund | Photo Credit:DSWD Western Visayas

Who is eligible for cash for work?

Every citizen with (DAFAC) may have
one member of his/her family to take part in the cash for work program.

In Boracay, Forest land and Wetland are the one’s to be cleaned.
Every member of the program needs to have the skills to work hard.
Children are not allowed to work or those who are under eighteen years
of age.


How about those who are not accustomed to hard labor?

Those who are not accustomed to hard labor may work by helping the
administrative department in the operations center.


When will it start?
It already started this month of May.


How will one get involved/included in cash for work?

Those interested may enroll in the DSWD operation center or municipal
social welfare and development office (MSWDO) of Malay, Aklan.


What are the requirements required?

Just show your company id where you work in boracay and get a certificate
of displacement from the barangay or the human resource office of your
company. Your name must be in the list of DAFAC (Disaster Assistance Family
Access Card).


How about if you are not a resident of boracay but merely working in

Same as the requirements mentioned above.


What about if more than one member of a family wanted to enroll in the
cash for work?

Only one member of a family is allowed to enroll in the cash for work
program to give chance for others to work as well.


After One Month, Can I join again in the cash for work program?

If fund is still available, any family member of a former cash for
work worker may join the program.


What is Sustainable Livelihood program-livelihood assistance grant?

The sustainable livelihood program is a capability building program
for the poor in crisis situation. These poor families and individuals
are given grant so they can learn new ways to earn a living and improve
their standard of living and overall socio-economic condition.


What will I receive from the sustainable Livelihood program?

Qualified resident will be given up to P15,000 maximum capital as a
micro-enterprise assistance grant for those who would like to start a
small business.

Employment support grant will be given to those who already found
employment outside of Boracay.


How can one avail of the sustainable livelihood program?

One must have a DAFAC Card for those who are residents of Yapak, Manok-manok,
Balabag or must be a member of an organized groups or associations.
Just go to the DSWD operations center for the profiling.


How about those who failed to get a DAFAC from the barangay?

They can still register at the operation center of DSWD (Faith Village).


Is the money given by the SLP (sustainable livelihood program) a loan?

No, it is not a loan. It is a free assistance for individuals to start
a business.