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Head’s up! A solar eclipse will be visible in Southeast Asia and Australia today! It was also Look up the Sky Day last week! Let’s take some time today to look up and appreciate the beauty of the sky above use! How do you say “look up” in your language?

TALANGÂ • (tuh-luh-NGA’)
(to) look up
Tagálog (Filipino): tingalâ

Verb Conjugation
tálangâ, tátalangâ, tínalangâ – to look up, look above (Actor Focus)
talangan, tatalangan, télangan – to look up to something/someone (Object Focus)
italangâ, tatalangâ, télangâ – to tilt something upwards (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Tínalangá ku king banua. [Kap]
Tumingalá akó sa lángit. [Tag]
I looked up to the sky. [Eng]

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