Varanus Dalubhasa

varanus dalubhasa
Varanus Dalubhasa | @nmbicol via Photos: Jake Binaday and Rafe Brown

National Museum of Bicol Biodiversity features another monitor lizard found in the Bicol Region, the Varanus dalubhasa.

The V. dalubhasa, with a common name of Enteng’s monitor lizard, belongs to the subgenus Soterosaurus. This species is a medium-sized monitor lizard with an average length of 116 cm and a snout to vent length of 50.5 cm. The body is dark greyish/black with yellow spots on its neck, back, and tail. They have a yellow-gold strip on the side of the head and nape.

Endemic to Luzon including Polillo Island and the Bicol region, this species is found in primary forests, disturbed habitats, mangroves, streams, rivers, and lakes. They are arboreal animals meaning they inhabit trees.

Their diet preference is still unknown, but it probably consumes invertebrates, small vertebrates (fish, rodents, frogs, snakes), and carcasses similar to the diet of their closely related species, the V. salvator.

V. dalubhasa is considered threatened species due to over-collection for animal trade and food. This species needs our help as much as they support our forest ecosystem’s balance and health. They need protection by keeping them unharmed in their habitat.

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