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It was National Spouses Day yesterday! How do you say “spouse” in your language?

ASÁWA • (uh-SAH-wuh)
spouse (husband/wife)
Tagálog (Filipino): asáwa

Derived Word
MIYASÁWA • (mi-yuh-SAH-wuh)
married couple
Tagálog (Filipino): mag-asáwa

TALÁSÁWA • (tuh-LAH-SAH-wuh)
having a spouse; a married person
Tagálog (Filipino): may-asáwa

Verb Conjugation
makiasáwa, mákiasáwa, mékiasáwa – to find someone to marry; to become married; to settle down

Example Sentence
Makiasáwa né ing kapatad ning asáwa ku. [Kap]
Mag-áasáwa na ang kapatíd ng asáwa ko. [Tag]
My spouse’s sibling is about to get married. [Eng]

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