Kapampángan Frog Festival: Fiestang Tugak

fiestang tugak
Kapampángan Frog Festival: Fiestang Tugak | @kapampangan.words

Kapampángan Frog Festival
Fiestang Tugak
October • San Fernando, Pampanga

Every 2nd Week of October, the people of San Fernando, Pampanga hold the Fiestang Tugak (Frog Festival) in honor of the most common and culturally significant amphibian to the Kapampángans. This festival was born out of the traditional Kapampángan way of frog-catching or paduas/pámamaduas in the frog-filled Kapampángan rice fields, and the tradition of making Kapampángan delicacies out of frogs such as the famous Kapampángan exotic food bétúté (stuffed frog).

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