Caragan Festival

Touted as a Kapampángan Mardi Gras, the Caragan Festival (now rebranded to Balacat Festival starting 2023) celebrates Mabalacat City’s indigenous Aeta roots and culture and is named in honor of its Aeta founder, Haring Caragan. This festival is held during the last days of February to March in Mabalacat City to promote the city’s Aeta … Read more

Balacat Festival

BALACAT FESTIVALMabalacat City, Pampanga Starting in 2023, the name of the annual festival of the Kapampángan city of Mabalacat was changed from Caragan Festival (named after the city’s indigenous Aeta founder) to Balacat Festival to give reference to the balacat tree which is the origin of Mabalacat’s name. The city was said to have been … Read more

Ibon-Ebon Festival

Ibon-Ebon Festival – February 1-2 (Candaba, Pampanga) Kapampángan Bird & Egg Festival This festival is held during the first two days of February and celebrates the local duck-egg industry in Pampanga and the annual gathering of migratory birds from around the world to Candaba Swamp. The festival’s name is a word play on the Tagálog … Read more

Ubi Festival

Ubi Festival “INDUSTRIYA SA UBI PALAMBUON, KATAMBAYAYONG SA PAG-ABANTE SA MGA BOL-ANON” Despite the heavy rains the past two months, Bohol remains festive, undaunted as January marks the harvest season of its famed and revered root crop, the Ubi or Purple Yam (Dioscorea alata). This year, the Ubi Festival has 14 participating towns from all … Read more

Kuraldal Festival

Kuraldal Festival (Kuraldal Atlung Ari), Sasmuan, Pampanga, Philippines (January 6-10) The Kuraldal Festival is an annual celebration honoring St. Lucy (Santa Lucia or Apung Lucia), the patron saint of the town of Sasmuan, Pampanga. It starts on Epiphany or the Feast of Three Kings on January 6 and lasts for 5 days until January 10. … Read more