Manila Biking Spots

manila biking spots
Manila Biking Spots | @DTCAM_

Manila Biking Spots

The Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila are encouraging you to travel around Manila using a bike instead of your personal vehicle. The city of Manila is the perfect place to travel to when you are riding your bike.

Here are perfect destinations for your day/night rides.


Intramuros is a no brainer. Explore the beauty that the walled city has instore for you. Intramuros is not just rich in heritage, but they are also rich in destinations to visit during your rides.


Have a second to stop by at the oldest Chinatown in the world. Binondo hosts hundreds of food stalls and restaurants where you can grab a quick bite during your ride.

3.Rizal Park

The quintessential biker’s destination. Planning on relaxing or taking a small break from your ride? The Rizal Park is the perfect place for that. And don’t forget to take a picture of you and you bike by the monument and at the kilometer zero mark.


If there is one thing that Filipino bikers love to do during their ride is to drink coffee when they are ending their ride. Enjoy delicious and locally harvested coffee at the beautiful Kapetolyo.

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