Glow up your garden

  Philippine Environment Month 2020 Protect Nature, Sustain our Future Glow up your garden online photo contest. We know the CALABARZON private industries community is always blooming with ideas on how to get the most out of your gardening projects and planter builds, so this environment month, we want to see everything that has to … Read more

The Surrender of Los Ultimos

The Surrender of Los Ultimos On 2 June 1899, Lt. Martin Cerezo ordered his bugler to signal their surrender to the Filipino forces. But before surrendering, he ordered the execution of two of his men, Vicente Gonzales Toca and Antonio Menache Sanchez, for their desertion attempt. When the bugle sounded, the Filipinos emerged from their … Read more

The Creation of the Philippine Spanish Friendship Day

  The congress of the Philippines passed Republic Act No. 9187 on 5 February 2003, creating the Philippine Spanish Friendship Day to be celebrated every 30 June. The law recognizes the long historical and cultural links between the Philippines and Spain and continuing economic and cultural partnership between the two countries. With Aguinaldo’s decree of … Read more

The Revolution in Baler

The Revolution in Baler The events that led to the first official manifestation of friendship between the Philippines and Spain actually began amidst the war against the Americans. In the town of Baler in the district of El Principe (now Aurora Province), the longest siege between the Filipino and Spanish troops took place. The revolutionary … Read more

On this day, June 30

  Today, June 30, 2020, we celebrate the 18th Philippine-Spain Friendship Day which commemorates Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo’s decree on 30 June 1899 that soldiers who surrendered in Baler shall be treated as friends instead of prisoners-of-war. At the time, it reflected a perceived relationship between the two countries, which after the Philippine Revolution vs. Spain … Read more