Price of eggs in the Philippines

price of eggs in the philippines
Price of eggs in the Philippines | Source: @DZMMTeleRadyo via Department of Agriculture


How much is the price of eggs in the Philippines?

The Department of Agriculture has set a new suggested retail price (SRP) for basic agriculture and fishery commodities in Metro Manila.

It covers 11 prime commodities (per kilo).

1. Rice (local): Special-Php 53; Premium-Php 45; Well-milled-Php 40;

Rice (imported): Special-Php 52; Premium-Php 43; Well-milled-Php 38;

2. Pork (pigue/kasim): Php 230;

Pork (liempo): Php 250;

3. Whole chicken: Php 130;

4. Chicken egg: Php 6.5/piece; as of August 11, 2020

5. Milk fish (bangus): Php 169;

6. Roundscad (galunggong) imported: Php 180;

Galunggong (local): Php 140;

7. Tilapia: Php 140;

8. Sugar (refined): Php 50;

Sugar (brown): Php 45;

9. Red onions: Php 100;

10.Garlic: Php 100;

11.Cooking oil: 350 ml-Php 25; 1 liter-Php 50.

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