Layag: pre-colonial money of the Philippines

In celebration of History Month, the Museo ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas presents “Layag: pre-colonial money of the Philippines,” a virtual exhibition of objects that were considered currency in the pre-conquest Philippine archipelago. Layag also features ancient currencies from neighboring countries that are part of the BSP Numismatic Collection. Layag sails us back to the … Read more

Suman Latik Samar

Suman Latik Samar The latik in Samar Province is a steamed rice cake made of glutinous grains, lihiya, and rock salt. The mixture is wrapped in hagikhik leaves that render a yellow-greenish tinge and enticing aroma. The hati is thickened by a generous amount of coconut cream, sweetened by kalamay and brown sugar, and scented … Read more

Puto Itum

Puto Itum Did you know that Samar cultivates black glutinous rice? Dark grains are soaked in water, followed by grinding. The rice paste is mixed with a generous amount of freshly squeezed coconut cream and sugar, and placed in a mold for steaming. The result is a glistening shade of gray with speckles of dark … Read more

Kurukud ha Anahaw

Kurukud ha Anahaw This is a type of suman in Samar wrapped in anahaw. The freshly cut leaves are thoroughly cleaned and sundried before placing the trifecta of glutinous rice, coconut cream, and sugar. It comes with three varieties of sticky rice: white, black, and a combination of both. The black grains are nutty and … Read more

Labo Shrew-Rat

Labo Shrew-Rat ONLY IN MT. LABO For our Bicol Biodiversity, we give you another reason to be proud of our country‚Äôs natural history. Did you know that there is a species of rat found ONLY IN MT. LABO? From 2006 to 2008, a team of researchers, including the late Bicolano biologist Danilo Balete collected a … Read more